The Kanawha Valley Horsemen's Association (KVHA) was established in 1960 and has been a strong presence in the WV horse show community for 60 years.

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2021  KVHA Show Bill

update 1/25/21


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COVID-19 Precautions at Shows
We are dedicated to the safety of participants and attendees at our shows. Therefore, we are implementing the following steps for all shows until further notice.
1.Completion of a questionnaire verifying that you have not had a fever above 100.4, have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, etc. is required for entry into the showgrounds. This document is now available on this website. Copies will be available at the gate however it is strongly recommended that this document be downloaded, printed, and completed prior to the show date to speed up the entry process. Barns are advised to provide customers with copies in advance of the show date.     
2. Once the questionnaire is turned in and the temperature is acceptable you will be given a wristband that indicates that you have met the requirements for admission. This wristband will be good for the rest of the show so please keep it for the duration.
3. We have purchased 20 hand sanitizer dispensers which will be placed at various locations throughout the showgrounds. Please use them!
4. Please observe social distancing (remaining at least 6 feet apart from others). Masks are not required however if social distancing cannot be maintained they are strongly recommended.
5. Admission to the show office will be prohibited. If you need to make entry changes, pay fees, etc. staff will help you at the door. A mask must be worn when interacting with show staff.
6. Only first place ribbons will be distributed in the ring so that winners can have them for their victory laps and photos. All other ribbons will be handed out at the gate as riders exit the show ring.
7. Please be considerate of those who have riders in the ring (trainers, instructors, parents, other families, etc.) and allow them to have space at the rail during their riders' classes.
We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these guidelines. Let's have a great show season!






October 29-30


These will be regular point shows held at the Winfield Riding Club using the previously established class schedule.

Please spread the word to anyone and everyone who may want to attend!

Exciting News for 2021 at KVHA!

We want to extend a sincere welcome to everyone as we approach the 2020 show season!

For all first time barns who attend our point shows we will offer free stalls and bedding! (This is only for the first show attended. Regular charges will apply for all other shows.)


Friday night will include a new ProAm walk/favorite gait class!


Exhibitors Party for the Friday night session and a Hospitality Breakfast are SUSPENDED until COVID restrictions are lifted.


More updates to come!


When making entries it is very important that one person from the barn make the entries and payments for everyone, otherwise they will be listed as an independent and not included with your barn.


Important Dates

Show Schedule. We also meet regularly at different locations to exchange ideas, socialize and make important decisions that affect our association.


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